Jonathon Thwaites Art

Jonathon Thwaites explores the inner Universe outwardly using found materials to mimic patterns of natural environments. He externalises the internal, bringing the soul  (as pattern) as it is manifest in the material world, to focus to elucidate the inner soulfulness of our material world.

He is interested in pattern. Our minds operate as pattern recognition systems.  The vast quantity detail we perceive in our material world is by nature overwhelming for our minds to accommodate. By necessity and without consciousness, in most cases, the vast detail is converted to more manageable patterns, which inherently contain less data. These approximations and overviews are then available for our thought processes.

The pattern conversion process varies from person to person, but pattern forming processes are similar to all people.  To be aware of the pattern process is to be aware of the limitations of perception. The approximations provide the space for the creative impulse, to go beyond the perceived material reality, to realise there is no absolute reality but that it is all approximation.