Online Laser and Intense Pulse Light Therapy Safety Course

Requirement in QLD, recommend in all States

The course is appropriate for staff directly involved with the use of Lasers and IPL in Beauty Therapy and Medicine and includes medical, nursing, operators and technical staff. In particular the nature of laser and IPL hazards is outlined, how protection might best be afforded when working with lasers and IPL, appropriate working techniques to minimise the risk from light radiation and administrative arrangements and legal obligations.

The course has been approved by the Radiation Health Unit in Queensland for Laser and IPL and fulfils the necessary laser safety training requirements for beauty therapists and medical practitioners and other personnel before a licence to use IPL and Class 4 laser will be granted, under the Queensland Radiation Safety Act – Queensland is the only State that offers approvals for IPL courses under their Radiation Act. Other states rely on best practice ie. the relevant Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Law.

It is appropriate and relevant training for all staff involved with cosmetic Laser and IPL use in all states and New Zealand.


Course title:
Intense Light Pulse (IPL) Therapy and Class IV Laser Safety.

Core knowledge the course will provide:

  • Basic Physics of Lasers and IPL
  • Nature of Laser and IPL source hazards
  • Interaction of Laser and IPL radiation with tissue
  • Laser and IPL protection 
  • Laser and IPL safety  – techniques to minimize injury risk 
  • Administrative arrangements and safety plans
  • Laser regulations.

The course is completed on-line, with course notes provided in 6 modules. Each module includes a multiple choice and True/False test. 

4 hours at your own pace.

Course Notes:         
The participants will be emailed the course notes and quizzes. They will complete and submit the quizzes. The quizzes will be assessed be scored by a qualified Medical Physicist approved by the Queensland Government and Government of Western Australia.

A certificate will be provided on successful completion.

$150 +GST

Payments can be made either via Direct Debit or Credit Card (Surcharge apply).

Appeals policy:
An open book (course notes) multiple choice test True/False concludes the course. A pass mark of at least 60% is required. Individuals who fail the exam may re-sit the exam after an interval of 1 week.

Course provider:
Jonathon Thwaites, Medical and Scientific Services Pty Ltd

If you would like to enroll in the course or require further information please contact us.

P: 0419 924 355