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These toys are made by Jonathon Thwaites to demonstrate renewable energy and sustainable concepts. These toys were originally made for the Perth Sun Fair so that kids and adults at the Fair could have some fun and interact with the Fair in a tangible and physical way. They have been out to dozens of events, to schools and various workshops over the past 14 years, running up more than 1000 hours of time.

Toys – Sustainable Toys Brochure

Recycled materials – reduce, reuse, recycle

These toys were built where ever possible from recycled household equipment and machinery. Most of the materials come from solid waste disposal days in the suburbs. The main component of cost in their manufacture is in my time. Material costs are for paint (which is often also recycled), welding rods, electricity and occasionally replacement of tools. Many of them use Fisher and Pykel washing machine motors as generators. The Toys a re a direct example or “reduce, recycle and reuse philosophy.

Personalised interactive experience

By personalising the experience at your event they make the event memorable in the minds of the participants. It is the personalising of the physical interaction experience with the Toys that gives the greatest benefit, positive memory and fun to the individuals at an event.


I make no profit from them and they cost a significant amount of time to manufacture – one exercise bike would typically take 16 hours to find the bits and put together.


The toys are available for hire – at recovery of expenses cost for transport, insurance etc for non-profit groups – and a bit more than that for events run by “financial” organisations – negotiable. Typically between $200 to $500 for an event but is dependent on time and distance.


They have been taken to:

  • Fairs and festivals: Perth Sun Fair – WA
  • Concerts: South Bound Concert – WA, Womad – SA,
  • Solar Cities Opening in Perth
  • Lighting shows at Cicular Key in Sydney
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools and local community events.
  • People Power Popup Cinema PPPC


Electricity generators using Fisher and Pykel washing machine motors:

  • Exercise bike electricity generators
  • Wind Turbine Display electricity generators
  • Model Electric Cars – people poweres
  • Computer games running off exercise bikes – your choice of game on PC
  • TV running off exercise bikes – hard work – slim those kids down

People Powered Popup Cinema PPPC

Solar power devices:

Power Stations – portable renewable energy for events