The blades on this turbine are high speed low torque, they need a  high torque low speed blade to get them turning when there is a load on. It goes fine as seen in the clip below with no load (watch out it will go so fast you wont be able to see the blade). I suggest trying a centripital switch on the axel to disconnect the load at low revs or a drum type blade to get it going.

Movie of it spinning, click here – wind2

Instructions to build this, click here  –  WindTurbine

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Demonstration Fisher and Paykel wind turbine, made using one of their smart drive motors from a scrapped washing machine.


The Fisher and Paykel smart drive motor is a permanent magnet motor. Most electric motors used in household equipment do not have permanent magnets. The permanent magnets mean that these motors make good electricity generators. When a magnet passes by a wire it induces a current in it. The permanent magnets in the rotating drum part of the motor pass by the coils of wire on the  metal spindles of the stationary part of the motor inducing currents in the coils of wire. Coils are used so that the length of wire passing the magnet is longer and the current induced larger.