Perth Sun Fair – Sustainable Living

The Fair achieved its objectives and was a great success. About 15,000 visitors came to the Fair over the day in 2009, an
increase of 7% over the number from the previous year. There were 100 exhibitors with stalls and displays and this year
we ran 4 seminar marquees with half hour seminars slots all day. The Fair is the premiere sustainability event in
Western Australia and has demonstrated strong growth from both participants and the public. Its growth is based on its
reputation as being a fun and lively event with relevant presentations, information being easily accessible and of being
non-partisan by giving all groups fair and equal representation.

We are committed to the philosophy of inclusivity – that non-profit or groups with very limited financial resources are
included in the Fair by ensuring no financial barriers such as expensive stall fees, are imposed upon their participation.
A significant amount of the sustainability activity ‘out there’ is from the non-financial groups and volunteers, and we
are determined to include them in the Fair, unlike commercially run sustainability events. This Fair gives these hard
working people reward for good work they are doing.

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